IMS User group event 2018

Public Health Institute

Our 2018 IMS annual user group event took place at Liverpool John Moores University, Exchange Station on 14th September 2018.

Details of speakers are available below, together with links to download their presentations.

Speakers & presentations

•  Introduction and IMS Overview

Howard Reed, Intelligence & Surveillance Systems Manager, Public Health Institute

Howard presented an overview of IMS activity for the 2017-18 financial year, looking at trends in the data, the split between psychoactive and IPED users for NSP services, and what it tells us about low threshold provision across the Cheshire and Merseyside footprint.
  IMS Overview Presentation

•  IMS Data Quality

Jane Webster, Data Quality Engagement, Public Health Institute

Jane provided an overview of the work she’s been engaged in with teams concerning IMS data quality over the last 12 months, what improvements have been made and where gaps in the data remain.
  IMS Data Quality Presentation

•  PHE Tobacco/smoking cessation

Caroline Holtom, Tobacco Lead, PHE North West

Public Health England's Smokefree Health Harms campaign aims to encourage smokers to stop smoking by highlighting the immediate, irrefutable, personal harm every time you smoke a cigarette.
  Tobacco Presentation

•  Drug Related Deaths & IMS

Mark Whitfield, Intelligence and Surveillance Manager, Public Health Institute

Mark gave an overview of the work that has taken place around drug related deaths across Cheshire and Merseyside over the last 12 months, exploring common themes and recurring factors including prescribed medications and the high prevalence of mental health diagnoses.
  IMS DRD Presentation

•  Red Umbrella Project

Rachel Fowler & Julie Boyd, Red Umbrella Project, Changing Lives

The Red Umbrella Project offers support to anyone with experience of sex work and/or sexual exploitation, escorts, and people selling sex both on-street and in off-street premises. We work in partnership with Merseyside Police to support people who are victims of hate crime because of their involvement in the sex industry to report the incident(s) of hate crime. As part of this support, we have a dedicated, full-time Police Liaison Detective, the first role of its kind in the UK.
  Changing Lives Red Umbrella Presentation

•  Hope Centre Project

Sarah Barton, Service Manager, Hope House

Hope House is a Homeless Day Centre in St. Helens, which provides a basic needs and personal care service for local homeless and those at risk of homelessness and offers advice, advocacy and support to support those in need. Their aim is to move our service users towards independence and help them reach their personal goals, ranging from; accessing food, personal care, benefits and accommodation.
  Hope House Presentation

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The work of LJMU’s Public Health Institute

Helping communities overcome the key public health challenges they are facing today; violence; addictions; sexual health and surveillance. Find out more about the work of LJMU’s Public Health Institute:

Recovery Street Film Festival

The Recovery Street Film Festival focuses on filmmakers who have a lived experience of recovering from drug or alcohol addiction, whether it is themselves or a loved one.

The 2018 shortlist included a short film by a group of service users from Addaction Liverpool.

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